Signs That Your Fire Door Needs To Be Repaired

As the owner of a commercial property, you really need to make sure that you are keeping up with all repairs that are needed because of safety. One very important safety feature of your commercial property would be the fire door. To help you know when you need to call to arrange for a fire door repair appointment, you will want to review the following:

There's Missing Hardware

Take a little time to look over the condition of the fire door and pay special attention to all of the hardware. Is all of the hardware in place and looks as good as new? If there are any missing pieces of hardware, such as closer arms, latch bolts, or even the cover plates, you will want to call to have the door repaired. When the new hardware is installed, the door should be able to function properly once again.

It's Getting Difficult To Operate The Door

Take a moment to notice just how hard it is to open and close the fire door. If the door is getting stuck and it takes a considerable amount of effort on your part to get it to properly open or close, then it is time to have a door repair technician take a look at it. It is also a problem if you close the fire door and you notice that there is a large gap around the perimeter of the door. This gap means you are not getting the full protective benefit of the fire door so you will need to have the appropriate repairs made.

You Notice That There Are Broken Seals

It does not matter where the seals are on the door, they need to be repaired or replaced if they are broken. The seals are an important aspect of the fire door so without them, you and those you want to protect will be in danger in the event of a fire.

With those pointers taken into consideration, you should find that it is going to be so much easier for you to spot when there is a need for fire door repairs. You will need to start calling around to determine which local contractors are able to inspect and repair commercial fire doors. Remember that this type of repair need is not something that you are going to be able to put off because the safety of everyone is in jeopardy if the fire door is suddenly not able to function properly when there is a fire. 

For more information about fire door repair, contact a local company.