3 Ideas For A Custom Engraved Headstone

Are you looking for a way to memorialize your loved ones? One of the best ways to do it will be with a custom engraved headstone. With there being so many ways to do it, you may be looking for some ideas of what you can do. Here are some ways to customize a headstone. 

Engrave A Photo

Most headstones at a cemetery have text that has been engraved onto granite, with many of the headstones looking the same. It's actually possible to laser engrave a photo onto a granite headstone so that it has a photo of your loved one. 

The way it works is by engraving a series of dots on the granite surface. The surface of the granite should be a dark color, and the laser scribes the surface of the granite to remove that black top layer. The larger amount of granite that is etched off the surface results in the color looking white, which makes it possible to engrave a photo-realistic black and white image onto a slab of granite that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. If you have a photo to use, it's possible to etch it onto a headstone. 

Engrave An Epitaph

Some people prefer to engrave an epitaph on a headstone, which could be a quote or poem that is meaningful to your loved one. The epitaph can say whatever you want it to say as long as it can fit on the headstone. One thing to keep in mind is that certain types of custom engraving will charge you per letter that is hand chiseled into the headstone. However, laser engraving for a long epitaph may end up being cheaper due to the engraving being done by a machine. 

Engrave Floral Designs

It is possible to decorate a headstone by engraving floral designs into it. These designs give the headstone a much nicer look since it is more than just text. Thankfully, you do not need to design that floral pattern that is put on the headstone. There are many templates that you can pick from, and you can use these templates to help arrange how you want the headstone to look before any engraving work is done. 

Looking for more ideas for a customized headstone? Reach out to a headstone engraving company for their assistance. They can show you examples of the work they have done in the past to give you the inspiration that you need. 

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