Types Of Podcasts To Listen To If You Have Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you may be on the lookout for ways to help manage your anxiety or live life well regardless of its presence. One approach is to listen to various podcasts that are either intended to help with anxiety or that just happen to do so. Here are three types of podcasts that might be helpful for those with anxiety.

Podcasts About the Science of Anxiety

Understanding the science behind anxiety won't put an end to your anxiety, but it can help you understand what's going in with your body, which can make managing anxiety easier. So you might want to look for some podcasts that talk about the brain chemistry behind anxiety, the ways that anxiety medications work, and the history of anxiety as a medical diagnosis. Focus on podcasts that feature speakers and guests with formal education on the topic. For example, podcasts hosted by doctors and researchers can be really helpful and informative.

Podcasts on Anxiety Management Strategies

It's a good idea to see a therapist and trust their guidance when it comes to managing anxiety. However, there's nothing wrong with also exploring various management strategies on your own. Look for podcasts that either focus on one anxiety management strategy, or those that review multiple strategies. For instance, you might find a podcast where five different people talk about their experience with using yoga to manage their anxiety or one where the speakers try four different herbal blends and review them. This type of podcast will not only give you ideas of what remedies to try but will also give you an idea of what remedies you might want to avoid.

Podcasts About People With Anxiety

When you have anxiety, there may be times when you feel like it's really holding you back or keeping you from accomplishing your dreams. Listening to podcasts about people who have lived their dreams and accomplished great things in spite of their anxiety can be really reassuring and motivating. Once you hear how others persevered in spite of anxiety, you'll have an easier time doing the same. When you struggle, you can remind yourself of the life stories you heard on the podcasts.

There are so many different podcasts on a wide variety of topics. You can look for podcasts on people with anxiety, strategies for managing anxiety, and the science behind this disorder and its treatments.

For more information, research podcasts on anxiety on your preferred streaming service.