Advice When Purchasing Aircraft Stairs For Planes

Ground support equipment is pivotal to aircraft operations, as it helps facilitate a lot of operations, including aircraft maintenance and repair. Aircraft stairs are an example of this type of equipment, and they're pivotal in that they help passengers get in and out of aircrafts easily. If you're purchasing some for your planes, this advice can help.

Decide Between Hydraulic and Stationary Models

Aircraft stairs can operate differently depending on whether they're powered by hydraulics or have a stationary design. If you have height distances that change between your planes, then you're better off going with a hydraulic stair model. The hydraulics will adjust the height of the stairs depending on how tall your planes' doors are.

In contrast, if you have planes with the same door heights, stationary stairs will be the better and more cost-effective investment. You won't have to pay as much because these stairs don't adjust in height and thus have simpler components.

Determine Whether Off-Road Availability Is Needed

There are some aircraft stairs that can be incorporated onto trucks that can travel off-road. You need to decide if this design is relevant to your aircraft operations because these more unique stairs will cost more.

If you have planes positioned off the runway, then you might want to consider a stair that supports off-road capabilities. Then you won't have to invest in a lot of specialty equipment to get the stairs positioned near planes where ground conditions may not be as ideal as the runway. 

Ensure Rail Lighting Is Included

There probably will be instances when you need to set up stairs near a plane at night. You want the stairs to provide added visibility for passengers boarding and leaving your planes, which is possible if you get aircraft stairs that have lighting incorporated into their design. Then the visibility of these stairs will be improved. Passengers will have an easier time seeing each step as they go up and down your planes. Rail lighting is one of the more important safety systems to get with these stairs because it prevents you from being liable for any injuries.

In order to help passengers get in and out of your planes in a safe and effective manner, you'll need aircraft stairs. They have a lot of different features and systems that you'll need to carefully review so that when you make a selection, you know the stairs will support your aircrafts and operations appropriately. 

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