5 Ways To Make Your Vacation Rental Feel More Homey

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a vacation rental compared to staying at a standard hotel is that it provides a cozier, homier stay. But how can you make your vacation rental even more like a little slice of home comfort? Here are five things to do.

1. Learn the Amenities. Vacation house owners help out guests by providing a list of what amenities are available. Peruse this list to look for the big (like a hot tub) and the small (are there spices in the kitchen?). Ask about specific items that you may want or need for your stay. 

2. Talk With the Host. Rental hosts are eager to make their visitors' stays as pleasant as possible, so keep good communication with them. Even just introducing yourself and sharing casual conversation will make you feel like you're among friends. And if you have any concerns before or during your stay, bring them up so the host can address them. This will prevent your stay from being marred by an unresolved issue. 

3. Plan an Evening In. If you do nothing but come and go, you miss much of the enjoyment of this type of lodging. Spend some extra time in the place, enjoying its ambiance. Is there a nice barbeque? Schedule a home-cooked dinner one night. Sit back and enjoy the stars or the sunset. Or, sleep in one morning and have brunch around the hot tub. The more you enjoy your temporary home, the more homey it will feel. 

4. Rearrange a Little. Because your taste likely doesn't coincide exactly with the host's taste, you may find something in the décor that takes you out of your happy place. If so, just put it away for the duration. You might even move around the chairs, a loveseat, or tables in various rooms to fit your style better. Just remember to take a photo in advance, and put everything back in its original place before you leave. 

5. Bring Your Own Details. What makes you happy every day as you live in your own home? Are you particular about your morning coffee? Do you like your own sheets and comforter? Do you need your favorite food processor to cook? Feel free to pack a few extra items (where possible) that will improve your stay. 

Where to Start

Plan for these few easy tips as you shop for your next vacation home rental. By doing so, you'll find a place that has more to make you feel at home, and you'll know what to bring to enhance it even further. Tour options in your destination area today to get started.