Steps For Getting New Quartz Countertops Installed In Your Kitchen

Quartz countertops are attractive, durable, and good when you want to upgrade your kitchen. Quartz is heavy, and that makes it difficult for DIY installation, especially when dealing with large slabs. Having your new countertops installed professionally could be the best choice. Here are some steps in the process.

Pick Out The Color And Have Templates Made

You can buy marble countertops in a variety of colors, so visit a showroom and find the perfect marble for your kitchen. You may want solid white, dark flecks, or black swirls. You can find marble that goes well with cabinets that are white, dark wood, or any painted color.

Once that's done, the installer comes to your home and makes templates for making the countertops. The templates include the width and length of the countertops as well as cutouts for the sink or cooktop. The templates are used for fabricating your new countertops so they can drop in place without the need for any adjustments to the size, so you'll want to know the exact measurements of a new sink or cooktop or have them bought before your home is measured.

Prepare Your Kitchen

If you're keeping your old cabinets, make sure they're in good shape and able to support heavy marble countertops. The installer can offer advice on this as well as remove the old countertops. If you're getting new cabinets, be sure to have them in place and have your new sink and other appliances ready to go so they can be fitted with the new countertops as they're installed.

Have The New Countertops Installed

Quartz countertop installation is a fairly easy process aside from the slabs being so heavy. Since they're heavy, they stay in place and only need to be attached to the counters with construction adhesive. A drop-in sink is also sealed around the edges with adhesive and secured with clips on the underside of the countertop.

Depending on how your kitchen is designed, it might be possible to install quartz countertops and not have seams. However, if seams are needed, these are sealed with epoxy in a color that matches the marble. As long as your base cabinets are installed and ready for the countertops, the installation process goes fairly fast and should be completed the same day unless you have a large kitchen.

Unlike granite, marble isn't porous, so you shouldn't need to seal it for protection. However, talk to the marble dealer about the right way to care for the type of marble countertops you buy so they last a long time and look beautiful for years to come.