How to Find the Right Chilling Incubator for Bacterial Colony Growth

A pretty common task in the medical and science field is growing bacterial colonies. In order to do this, a chilling incubator is required. This investment will inevitably involve a lot of specs and features, but you can stay focused throughout your search thanks to these tips. 

Ensure the Design Is Corrosion-Free

Since chilling incubators are exposed to some cold and humid temperatures, you don't want the surrounding materials to start breaking down. You instead want everything to hold up just fine from a structural standpoint. You'll have no worries if your chilling incubator was made in a corrosion-free way. It won't matter what sort of temperatures or humidity levels the chilling incubator is exposed to; the materials can last and corrosion won't be the reason why you have to replace this pricey piece of equipment.

Get an Internal Light

There may be times when you put bacterial colonies in the chilling incubator at night. You want to see where the shelves are so that you don't disturb your operations. In this case, it helps to get a chilling incubator with some sort of internal light. You can flick it on and then see all areas on the interior. That makes it much easier to place petri dishes on the right shelves. Also, the light lets you keep the door closed and still see your samples without having to constantly disturb them. That's important when working with sensitive samples.

Don't Forget About a See-Through Door

Another design element that you want to be perfect is the door of your chilling incubator. Again, if you plan on working with some sensitive samples, you don't want to disturb the chilling incubator if you don't have to. In this case, get an incubator that has a see-through door. After all of your samples have been placed, the see-through door lets you easily observe the cultures so you can document your findings appropriately. You don't have to constantly open the door and possibly affect the temperature inside. Not every chilling incubator has this see-through design so make sure you confirm this feature before proceeding with the sale. 

Chilling incubators are used in a lot of laboratory settings. If your operations need one for bacterial colonies, then spend time going over the different models, specs, and designs. If you get these things right from the beginning, then the chilling incubator will work just as you thought it would and aid in your bacterial operations.