3 Types of Trucking Jobs You Can Get with a CDL a License

Now that you have earned a CDL A license, you might be wondering what type of trucking jobs you can get. Here are a few potentially lucrative options that may interest you:

Become a Long-Distance Hauler

A great way to make a living as a truck driver with a CDL A license is to become a long-distance hauler. There are many companies out there that need to ship goods all across the United States, and they rely on truck drivers to do so. As a long-distance hauler, you can expect to visit different states on a regular basis depending on where your truckloads of goods are destined for at any given time.

You will have the experience of sleeping in your truck and staying in hotel rooms while you are on the road. You may be on the road for anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks at a time, so if you have a family that relies on you to be home regularly, this might not be the right career path for you to take. On the other hand, if you live alone or your family doesn't rely on your presence, long-distance hauling can be an exciting experience and a lucrative career worth considering.  

Focus on Local Deliveries

If long-distance driving isn't your thing, you can always focus on delivering goods for local businesses. You might be on the road for several hours straight during the day, but you will be able to go home to your family every night. You may travel to the same places and deliver the same things all the time, or you might go to a new place while carrying various goods on a regular basis.

You can work for yourself as an independent contractor if you own a truck, or you can work for a trucking company and borrow or lease one of their trucks. There are lots of unique options to check out if you want to become a local trucker.

Transport Heavy Machinery

With a CDL A license in hand, you can drive a truck to transport heavy machinery for construction companies whether in your local area or in another state. Large construction companies do business in several different markets, and sometimes they need to transport their equipment from one place to another to keep up with their project deadlines.

Smaller companies need to get their equipment from the storehouse or the rental company to their project sites locally. Either way, hauling heavy equipment requires a big truck and a valid license. If you have access to both of these, contact companies that have CDL A truck driver positions.