3 Examples Of High Pressure Pumps In Action

High-pressure pumps are not given much thought by the average consumer. These pumps actually play a central role in providing many of the services that consumers rely on each day.

A high-pressure pump is designed to move water from a primary source to a distribution nozzle as quickly as possible. The result is pressurized water that can be used in a variety of applications.

1. Self-Serve Car Washes

One common place where high-pressure pumps can be found is at a self-serve car wash. Water must be pumped from a storage tank to the wand that drivers use to clean their vehicles. A high-pressure pump is responsible for providing this water movement.

Many self-serve car wash facilities utilize variable speed pumps in their wash bays. A variable speed pump is capable of scaling water pressure up or down, depending on the setting chosen by the consumer.

A low-pressure spray can be used to give a vehicle a final rinse, while a high-pressure spray is better suited for removing caked-on mud and dirt from a vehicle's exterior.

2. Commercial Painters

Commercial painters are responsible for refreshing the look of a building's exterior by applying a new coat of paint. In order for the required primer and paint to adhere to the surface of the building's exterior, the exterior must be clean.

A pressure washer is used to eliminate all possible contaminants in preparation for fresh paint. Commercial pressure washers rely on high pressure pumps to generate the power needed for effective cleaning.

The high-pressure pumps found in commercial pressure washers are small enough to maintain portability, yet powerful enough to create pressurized water that will spray the surface of any exterior wall clean.

3. Food Service Facilities

High-pressure pumps are found in many food service facilities. Pumps play a critical role in maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of disease within these facilities.

Employees can use the water that moves through a high-pressure pump to clean all of the commercial food preparation equipment in their kitchen.

The pressurized water spray created by the high-pressure pump eliminates grease, food buildup, and other contaminants that might interfere with the safety of the food products prepared within the kitchen.

A quality pump is a necessity for food service facilities that want to protect their customers and avoid the fines that accompany serious public health infractions.

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