Why Connecting Wirelessly Through The Cloud Is More Complicated

So, you are looking at various means of telecommunications through companies like American Telcom Inc. That makes sense, since you want to be up-to-date on all things high-tech if your company is going to succeed. You may be considering cloud based systems for communication, which definitely puts you in the high-tech zone. However, connecting wirelessly through the Cloud is still a little more complicated than almost all other wireless telecommunications services. Here is why.

Using the SSH and Hostname to Connect to an Instance Through the Cloud Is Confusing

Okay, you probably got lost somewhere in the above phrase between "SSH" and "Instance," right? That alone gets most people confused on how wireless connectivity in the Cloud works, and with good reason. 

SSH is defined as: "a a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network...". The "hostname" is the web host facilitator over/through which the connection to a remote database is made. So the SSH and hostname are your security measures for connecting through the Cloud.

An "instance" is your "driver" in the virtual world; it makes sure that your information or files are routed to the destination you desire and that the files/information are not lost in the Cloud. So the SSH and hostname are your security measures that keep information safe until you reach your instance (i.e., "driver" or "navigator"), which then moves your info and files over to the remote database/destination. You can see where not knowing the lingo or how the technology works is enough to make anyone decide not to use this telecommunications method; it is too confusing and too complicated.

Connecting Wirelessly the Usual Way

Most companies that connect wirelessly through the Cloud do so because they have a lot of proprietary information that they want safeguarded. They also have an IT department that knows all of the above and can do these transmissions for the company. As a newbie company, you do not really have much that needs that much security. Additionally, you can just as easily send files over your internet with a wireless gateway or wireless router. 

If you want or think you need a little extra security, you can send things via ZIP file. Prior to attaching your information or files to a memo or email, you can place them into a ZIP file. a ZIP file "zips" everything up, requiring the receiver to "unzip" it with a password or pass code sent in a separate email or IM. That is far simpler than the steps needed to wirelessly send files through the Cloud, to be sure.