Three Reasons Why Custom Shipping Can Set Your Online Boutique Apart

Online boutiques are a popular venture for those who love and produce fashion. Now that many consumers are able to purchase many of their needs and wants online, an internet fashion shop is the most popular method for buying clothing. To gain customers, you must make sure that you captivate attention throughout the buying process. One of the ways that you can impress customers is your shipping method and shipping packaging. Here are three ways to shipping can set your online boutique apart from the rest. 

The faster the shipping, the higher the happiness

One of the downsides to ordering online is waiting for the item to arrive in the mail. The faster the shipping method, the better the customer service experience. Offer two to three-day shipping for all of your products in order to get the items to the consumer as quickly as possible. Set up your shipping arrangement to automatically print rush or priority postage for all orders. Getting items quickly will make customers happy and more likely to order when they have events coming up. 

Interesting packaging is eye-catching

Some customers will purchase items they may be on the fence about just because they enjoy the packaging experience of the item. Speak with a custom shipping company that can create custom padding, boxes, and wrapping paper for your company. The custom shipping packages and wrapping should follow a color or patterned theme. Be sure that the logo for your company is displayed in a tasteful manner and that the boxes stand out. Some easy ways to make the boxes stand out is to make them in a special shape, such as a star or triangle. Make sure that the items are always impeccably wrapped and cared for before sending for shipment. 

Customize each card

Buying can be am impersonal experience when you send the customer the item and nothing else. For your online boutique, make it a point to customize a card for the customer inside. If you notice that the customer has ordered similar items before, offer them a preview in the form of pictures of a new line that you are releasing. For new customers, you can print a card welcoming them to your company and letting them know that you appreciate the chance to become a store that they trust and frequent. A little bit of personalization goes a long way, so personalizing cards in each package is one way to grab attention and set your boutique apart. 

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