New Restaurant Owners: Benefits Of A Copier Rental For The First Months Of Business

Opening a new restaurant is not just about great food. It's about getting your name out there and introducing yourself to the local community. This will help establish a customer base and allow you to spark an interest in your business right away. During the first months of business, it's important to invest in some extra parts and supplies to get things rolling. While a lot of focus may have been placed on menu choices, kitchen equipment, and seating, having a good copier can go a long way. Renting a professional copier for the few months of business will help improve the flow and provide a lot of chances to promote your business properly.

Menu Printing and Daily Specials

By renting a professional copier, your new restaurant will have the ability to print out dozens of menus on the fly and have them ready to go. With a professional copier, you will have the ability to make color copies, back and front copies, and use thicker paper for an added professional touch. If your restaurant has daily specials, then the copier would be a great way to print out those specials for all of the guests.


A great way to attract new customers to your restaurant is with coupons. Free side dishes, percentages off, or buy one get one deals are all great coupon ideas that can attract new customers. If you want to provide hundreds of coupons to the community, then you can use a copier rental to get that done. A number of professional copy machines have a watermarking feature that you can add to the coupon design. This will help ensure that the coupons that are handed out are legit and verified by your business.

Flyers and Ads

Help promote your business by making flyers and ads that can be handed out tot he local community. You may chose to place ads under windshield wipers, in mailboxes, or on bulletin boards. All of these locations can really help spread the word about your business and introduce it to new people. A copier has high speeds that will get your all of the ads in a matter of minutes. For example, if there's an event at a local park, you can print out the ads and get there to hand out the flyers. Small things like this will really help your business within the first couple of months of operation.

A copier rental company like CopyTex Business Solutions LLC can help you get set up with the best copier to match your restaurant needs.