How To Effectively Damp Mop Floors As A Janitor

If you just started working for a janitorial service, there are lots of cleaning techniques that you need to learn. One of the cleaning techniques that you may use frequently are damp mopping floors. Here are the proper steps to take to damp mop a floor, which will help keep hard floor surfaces looking great and should be done around once a week in most buildings.

#1 Set Up The Area

The first thing that you need to do is set-up the area. To set up the area, you are going to want to move all the furniture out of the area. Get help from a fellow staff member so you don't scratch the floors. Remove all rugs as well; you should clean end rugs on hardwood floors at least once a week.

#2 Get Rid Of Large Dirt

Second, you are going to want to get rid of the large, loose dirt in the area. To get rid of that, you are going to want to sweep the area and put all of the large debris into a dustpan. It is a lot easier to damp mop a floor when there is not a lot of dirt on it already. Damp mopping is a more in-depth cleaning process.

#3 Damp Mop The Floor

Fill up your mop bucket with the correct amount of hardwood floor cleaning solution and water. Then, dip your mop into the bucket and wring it out so that it is pretty dry.

Take the mop and run it next to the baseboards but do not mop the baseboards itself. When you get to the end of a side of the wall, flip your mop over so that you use the other side of the mop to clean with. Go back and rinse out your mop frequently.

#4 Clean The Water

As you work, be sure to stop and clean out the water and put in new cleaning solution once it gets dirty. Do not keep mopping with dirty water or a dirty mop. Rinse out the mop as well when you change the water. This may take longer, but will ensure a good job.

If any soap or water gets on the baseboards, use a cloth to wipe down the baseboards. This will prevent water spots from developing on the baseboards.

When the area is dry, put the furniture back in place. A good, deep mopping where you move everything is generally only necessary once a week or so for high-traffic areas; a light mopping around the furniture works for the rest of the week. For more information, contact companies like Mailender.