Four Considerations For Company ID Badges

If your business deals with sensitive materials, it's understandable that you want to ensure that only authorized persons are allowed in the building and in certain areas. Identification badges can be one way to accomplish this goal. You can utilize design software to come up with the layout of your ID badges; consider these issues as you design them.


Another issue to think about during the design stages is whether you want to require the ID badges to bear photographs or not. Photos can make the badges more effective; an unauthorized intruder is going to have a harder time passing themselves off as one of your employees if their face does not match the ID badge. However, using photos does mean extra expenses for you that you'll have to keep in mind.

Security Measures

If you want your badges to have special security features such as a chip or magnetized strip, you're likely going to need to enlist professional help. Badge printing companies in the area can help you to figure out the most appropriate security add-ons so you can choose one that makes the most sense for your own company.

Method of Carry

While designing your badges, you're also going to need to consider how your employees will be carrying their ID badges. Will they be able to fit it into their wallet, or will you require them to wear them each day? If your plan is that the badges can be in wallets or pocketbooks, it might be best to use smaller badges that will not be an irritation to everyone who has one. However, if you want the badges to be displayed at all times, you might design larger badges that are to be worn with lanyards, clips or other accessories. You'll also have to consider whether you will pay for those accessories or require employees to purchase their own.

Logos and Colors

To make your ID badges more difficult to replicate or forge, it's a good idea to make use of the company logo and colors. The more colors you use, the more the badges are likely to cost to print, so ask a badge printing shop for a variety of price points depending on how many colors you use.

When you consider the suggestions laid out in this article, you can make badges for your business that will work great for you and your employees. Consult a badge printing company for help with design, formatting and other tips.