What Type Of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

A fire extinguisher is an essential part of home safety. For small fires, the fire extinguisher can put an end to the fire immediately. For larger fires, the extinguisher can clear a path to allow you to escape your home and await fire services. To maximize the safety of your home and to keep costs low, you will want to choose the right fire extinguisher.

Big Vs. Small

The bigger the fire extinguisher, the better. However, there are some fire extinguishers that are so large that they are difficult to maneuver. Therefore, it may be better to purchase a smaller fire extinguisher that is easier to maneuver even if it will have less power when putting fires out. A larger fire extinguisher would make sense in a garage, while a smaller fire extinguisher might make sense in a kitchen.

Rechargeable Vs. Disposable

You will want to purchase at least one fire extinguisher for each level of your home. Because you will need so many, it may be necessary to balance safety with keeping costs low. Decide whether to purchase a disposable or rechargeable fire extinguisher. The rechargeable extinguisher has metal valves and is more expensive, but if you must use the fire extinguisher frequently, the rechargeable one will be less expensive. But for most households, it makes more sense to use a disposable fire extinguisher. 

The most important distinction is what the fire extinguisher should be used for. There are three distinctions:

A: Ordinary combustibles

B: Flammable liquids

C: Electrical fires

Determine the type of fire you have and use the appropriate extinguisher. You should ideally have one of each type of fire extinguisher. Place the correct type of extinguisher in the right room. For example, in a garage or kitchen, it may make more sense to have a type B fire extinguisher. In a laundry room, bedroom, living room or office, it would make more sense to use a type A fire extinguisher. The type C fire extinguisher should be kept in any area of your home.

Specialization Vs. Multi-Purpose

You should also determine whether you should purchase a multi-purpose fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher that is used for only one purpose may be more effective against that type of fire, but it would also be more difficult to use, especially by a child. Also, you may find yourself trapped in an area of the home where you'd have the wrong type of fire extinguisher available. But in general, be cautious and purchase as many fire extinguishers as you can.

For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Tri County Fire Protection.