Two Reasons Why A Self-Storage Unit Is Better Than Your Home

When people have things they need to store, they naturally look for places in their home where it can be stashed for a long period of time. Although it may be convenient and cheap (i.e. free), your home isn't always the best place to store your belongings. Here are two reasons why it may be better to put your items in a self-storage unit.

Less Chance of Theft

It may seem odd to say there is less chance your belongings will be stolen from a self-storage unit than your own home, but consider where you're most likely to put unneeded items in your home. The most common place people store their stuff is in the garage, which 9 percent of burglars access when trying to break into a home. Another popular storage area that also lands in a thief's crosshairs is your shed.

You can reduce the risk of break-ins by installing security cameras and alarms around your home. If you live in a neighborhood where that may not provide enough of a deterrent, then it's better to store your valuable belongings in a self-storage unit.

These facilities typically regulate who has access to the grounds via gate codes and have security cameras and/or personnel to monitor activity on the site. Additionally, self-storage units tend to be building with tamper-proof materials that make it difficult to get into them without using the lock on the door.

Lower Risk of Damage

Another reason why a self-storage unit may be better than your home is because there's less chance your items will be damaged by environmental problem or pests. People also tend to store their belongings in basements and attics, two areas prone to issues such as unexpected leaks (basement) or pest invasions (attics). Additionally, these two areas are often subject to wild fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can destroy sensitive items such as pictures, musical instruments, and wines.

Self-storage facilities have climate-controlled units that maintain temperature and humidity within a certain level to minimize the damage caused by extreme heat and cold and changes in humidity. This reduces the risk your belongings will become too damaged to use, saving you money and grief in the process.

There are many other reasons why it may be smarter to put your stuff in self-storage rather than try to find space for it at your home. For more information about these issue or to reserve a unit, contact a local self-storage facility. Click here to get more information about your storage options.