How To Avoid The Plateau With A Total Gym

When you begin using your Total Gym, you will want to progressively increase the intensity of your workout. It will typically take six months of training before you are ready to increase the intensity of your workout. This will ensure that you do not hit a plateau and stunt your growth, while also not hurting yourself.

Start Slowly

If you are learning to workout for the first time or if you haven't worked out in awhile, it is important to first learn the proper Total Gym workout motions. This will ensure that you perform them in a manner that is the most effective and will also ensure that you do not injure yourself by performing workout routines incorrectly. Great workouts for beginners are:

  • Seated rotations
  • Seated rows and flies
  • The crunch and press
  • Squats
  • Incline mountain climbers

After you have become more comfortable with your workouts, you may begin focusing on more strenuous workouts. Great workouts for core strength the surfer, side planks and incline push-ups. Those who are focused more on losing weight can perform exercises such as the roll-up, the seated chest fly or the standing lunge. The best way to learn how to perform these workouts is to meet with a personal trainer who can observe your motions and make sure that you are performing them safely or to watch videos designed specifically to instruct on how to use the Total Gym.

Have Replacement Parts Ready

In order to make sure that your Total Gym gets the job done and that you are able to workout effectively with it, make sure to purchase Total Gym replacement parts. Waiting for replacement parts to arrive will simply put your workouts behind a few days, but if you already have them in stock, you'll be able to keep going.

Don't Become Complacent

It is easy to become complacent and to continue to workout at the same intensity. However, doing so will reduce the effectiveness of your workout in the long-term by causing you to plateau. Instead, it is recommended that you always look for ways to make your workout more intense so that you will forever be on the road to greater health and strength. Not only should you perform more challenging lifts, but you must perform these lifts more quickly, with greater resistance, while still performing them correctly. However, keep in mind that it is not a race, but a marathon. If there is anyone else in your life who is progressing more quickly, do not work too hard yourself.