Two Tips For Temps

If you're laid off or have to leave a job for another reason, being out of work can cause a number of problems. For that reason, you might seek out a temporary job replacement by going to a temp agency. If you do this, be sure to also do these things:

Research the Agencies

To get the best position, you've got to do some research instead of just signing up with every temp agency out there. While you may want to get your name on the list at more than one reputable agency so you have a greater chance of working, ensure that you've done some investigating to figure out whether you want to be involved with a particular agency. Be sure that you make an attempt to determine the reputation of a particular agency before signing any contracts with them. You might look them up online or ask around to see if anyone in your professional network is familiar with them.

You might also look into various benefits offered by different agencies. You may only want to seek out temp agencies that offer health insurance for a reasonable price. You might want to only work with agencies that are focused on your industry. The better fit a temp agency is, the more you'll enjoy the work they send you to do.

Do Your Best Work

You might think that because you're "only" doing temp work that the quality of your services doesn't have to be as high as it would be at a "real" job. The truth is, of course, that many companies offer temps full-time positions. That is unlikely to happen to you unless you're performing well and standing out among other workers on site.

Even if you get a position that will never become full-time, it's not a waste of your work time. You could be making contacts that will pay off for you down the road, so maintain professional behavior as best you can. Don't show up let, have a bad attitude or act in a subordinate way. If you should ever run into the people there in the future, they may be in a position to hire you or they could help you in a professional capacity; do your best not to burn bridges.

Doing temp work can be an interesting, rewarding experience. Ask your temp agency about guidelines that must be observed so that you can be compliant.

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