Four Reasons Why You May Need Professional Strike Security

Labor strikes are often emotionally charged events where tensions sometimes escalate to verbal or physical confrontations between striking workers, management, those hired through a strike staffing company to cover shifts, and the general public. If you own a company and have reason to believe that your employees may soon go on strike, you should consider hiring professional strike security officers. Following are just four of the advantages of hiring labor strike security guards. 

You'll Keep Everyone Involved as Safe as Possible

Naturally, you'll want everyone in the area to be as safe as possible, and the presence of security guards adds a high level of protection. Professional security personnel is trained in techniques designed to deflate the type of tense situations that frequently occur in labor strikes. Strike security guards will protect everyone equally -- those on the picket line, management employees, temporary workers hired to handle the workload for the duration of the strike, and those who just happen to be passing by. 

You May Prevent Property Damage 

While the most important aspect of a strike security guards job is the safety of the humans in the vicinity, they also work to ensure that your property isn't damaged or destroyed as the result of the actions of anyone in the area. Keep in mind that even if your striking employees are maintaining a peaceful, respectful picket line, strikes sometimes attract the attention of outside agitators. Property damage can involve your place of business, neighboring businesses, or vehicles parked nearby. 

You'll Be Able to Continue Business Operations More Smoothly 

Your business is no good to anyone, including striking employees,  if operations come to a standstill due to strike activity. Strike security ensures that it's business as usual by making certain that temporary workers and management arrive on the job safely. Your business will be able to run with minimal disruptions that result in loss of revenue and decreased production. You'll also have more leverage in negotiations with unions if your business remains running as usual during the strike. 

You'll Have a Visual Record of the Strike 

Strike security agents also provide video surveillance of the situation, which can help identify unlawful or violent actions that have taken place during the course of the strike. This can help local law enforcement agencies crack down on any criminals that may have taken advantage of the strike situation as well as protect you from certain types of legal liability involving false claims. For instance, a video record can disprove allegations that you or someone associated with your company violated the rights of those on the picket line while the strike was taking place.